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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  July 26, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> enough democrats and republicans are sharply divided on this issue. telephones at john boehner's office and other offices on capitol hill are as busy as ever. >> after the president called on americans to contact lawmakers about the debt ceiling crisis. john gainers -- john boehner's short term fix is up for the house on wednesday. >> the plan to raise the debt ceiling by $1 trillion has no chance of passing. it only solves the problem for about six months. he blames the conservative bloc in the house for holding the nation half the -- hostage. but that is a very scary thing. >> the senate minority leader fired back.
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republicans say harry reid's plan is full of gimmicks. >> we have to find a solution. i am prepared to accept something less than perfect. >> if the nation's borrowing limit is not bumped up, the treasury will not be able to pay some of its existing bills. it could have a damaging domino effect on the, the economy. >> now is the time to compromise. >> a number of senators from both parties are now talking about sitting down and simply splitting the difference. >> there were a lot of worries that the default could send the global economy into a tailspin. the new head of the imf is urging the u.s. to make an agreement she says the u.s. should use the same political
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courage that creek did to solve its crisis. a downgrade could be harmful for the entire world economy. >> coverage continues at 6:30 tonight. you can keep up-to-date on all the developments, any time at new developments in the deadly attack in norway. the attorney of the suspect says that his client is likely insane. anders breivik remained in jail tonight. police have begun to release the names of the dead. more victims are coming forward to talk about their ordeals. >> iran agitated shouting and then screaming -- i heard agitated shouting and and screaming and then gun fire. >> they shared core stories today. he added to killing more than 70 people many of them kids.
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police continued to investigate the claims that he had accomplices. >> this case has indicated that he is insane. >> police began releasing names of the victims. additional details, click whether he had a job. -- like whether he had a job. >> meanwhile, at the embassy in the u.s., the president signed a letter of condolence. countless others, like this man, wondered what could have then. >> i am still thinking. i hope i did -- i hope some of them are rescued still live.
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>> a new terror lurch from the state department this morning that al qaeda is planning attacks worldwide. osama bin laden's death increased grasp to the u.s. and the uk. authorities believe the attacks of be in the form of suicide bombings. a possible serial/sure is on ballista night targeting local teenage girls. someone -- a possible serial /certification is on the loose tonight targeting local teenage girls. police say the suspect distracts the victims by dropping boxes or clothing and then slashes them from behind. indeed, any information is asked to call police immediately. >> organic democrat congressman says he will resign amid a sex scandal. he is accused of having an
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inappropriate sexual encounter with a teenaged girl. initially, he said he would not seek reelection, but refused to step down. he says the encounter was consensual. he will continue to serve in congress until congress resolve the debt ceiling debate. several city council members publicly called for their calling to step down amid a corruption scandal. he is accused of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in public money on personal items. this afternoon, the mayor says thomas will make the right decision. >> that is something that you will have to decide. >> thomas has denied wrongdoing. maastricht he made a deal with the district to pay back -- last week he made a deal with the district to pay back $300000. some mixed news about the housing market. while waiting to buy a house
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could mean spending more. >> we will check out -- >> the anacostia river is dirty and as ordered authorities to speed up efforts to clean it up. >> this is good stuff. sunshine, it is warm, but low humidity. how long will it last?
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you are watching abc 7 news at 6:00 with gordon peterson and maureen bunyan. this is abc 7 news at 6:00 on your side. the housing market remains weak. >> new home sales fell one% in june. more than 300 cows and homes have been sold this year. -- more than 300 homes have been sold this year. experts predict the housing market has a long way to go. >> the motorcycle industry reports scooter sales are up 47%. the average 80 miles to the gallon. most americans are paying nearly $200 a month for
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gasoline. compare that to just $20 a month for a scooter. >> that sounds pretty good. the global security company is moving to virginia. the company is moving its corporate headquarters to arlington from north carolina. the company provided security to the u.s. government in both iraq and afghanistan you may recall. in 2007, it was criticized for a shooting in baghdad. a popular in d.c. thoroughfare is back open. the mayor dedicated the new ninth street bridge. the project began in april of 2009. it cost $40 million. it carries an estimated 26,000 vehicles a day. the big demand to clean up one of the nation's most polluted rivers. take a look at the time table.
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>> we are happy that lower humidity has arrived. it is not going to last very long. >> $2 tuesday at the ballpark will get a lot of folks out to enjoy this weather. the redskins did 3
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we last visited the anacostia river about a month ago when in a bar mullis took a dive into the river end -- when environmentalist took a dive into the river in hazmat suits. we have more on this new order. >> the decision about the anacostia river was a big win for environmental groups. the u.s. district judge roche the anacostia river is dirty. efforts have been an adequate and ordered the epa to come up
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with new standards in a year. >> we want to see the river clean doubt not only for -- cleaned up, not only -- for the human life that wants to swim. >> it is not just an issue in d.c. the u.s. clean water act mandated clean rivers by 1993. >> today, the water chief said government will have to do more to keep sediment out of the river. >> we feel it is our job to make sure questions are raised on behalf of ratepayers. >> d.c. waters says there will be a price to pay. the average water bill was going to go from $6 a month of to
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$100. it will go up even more than that. we have breaking news coming in from california. a six-alarm fire is burning at a plastics plant. you see this huge black trail of smoke. this could be seen for miles. they aren't reaching up to 9,000 feet. residents are taking cover at a nearby shelter. we have no reports of any entries. we will keep an eye on this story. that is one ugly picture. >> that has got to be toxic. >> wheat had a gorgeous day today, not a cloud in the sky. >> compared to where we were last week, it felt a couple of degrees cooler. the humidity is coming back later in the week.
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let's start with frederick county. this scene has played out all across the area today. nothing more than a passing cloud at most. a very comfortable afternoon. temperatures, mostly in the 90's in many areas. 92 in annapolis. nothing compared to what we had last week. 95 degrees, 33rd time this year we have hit the 90-degree mark or higher. 93 in the city right now. 91 degrees in gaithersburg. we have gone to a little southerly wind briefly.
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only 78 in syracuse right now. 85 in detroit. this is detroit and this is pittsburgh. 91 in charleston, west virginia. temperatures are now warmer the farther west that you go. 101 in dallas. that he will have its way. here is the difference, it is not going to be at the extreme. it will not last at the extreme levels for very long. friday is going to be the most uncomfortable. these are the heat index is right now. this is more reasonable. this is the kind of stuff that will pay us a visit on friday. high-pressure gave us a great day. there are a couple of showers in pennsylvania. by tomorrow, another delightful day.
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a couple of degrees cooler than today. as we had through thursday and friday, it moves offshore and the winds come back. that is going to push the temperatures and the humidity levels up. 87 at midday, nine degrees tomorrow afternoon. it will be very comfortable. next seven days, heat and humidity ramp up on thursday. 100 degrees on friday. 96 degrees on saturday. isolated thunderstorms over the weekend. increasing chances as we had the first couple of days. the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. we have a 72-hour period of madness right now. >> they can start to deal with free agents right now. they cannot sign them until
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friday. the nfl doors were unlocked today. kevin barnes was the first player at redskins park today. let's forget all the complicated stuff. the players are back. you better believe the players are like little kids at christmas getting back to work and finally being able to focus on the season. the more things change, the question say the same. albert haynesworth and donovan mcnabb are still with the redskins. >> i do not think it is a secret that we will be bringing guys in to compete. >> it wears you down. we do not want to talk about it. we just want to focus. >> the redskins are talking with the vikings about a trade with donovan mcnabb. the first order of business is
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to get under the salary cap. the redskins were already there. the redskins would like to get the raid and offensive linemen. the cowboys cut williams. there is a lot going on. college football teams report to campus in five days. the new guy in the league is getting a lot of attention. the new head coach at maryland. they opened the season on national television against the university of miami september fete. >> are you ahead of schedule? -- september fetes. >> are you had a schedule? but i think i am ahead of schedule. we have gotten everything done in terms of what we need to do. i think everything is in order. the young men have done a great job adapting to what we have
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expected at of them. they have done a really good job. i have been very impressed with the leadership this summer. we are ready to go. we are ready to go play. >> danny o'brien seems to impress everybody. >> when you are watching him on film he has proven himself. when you get a chance to meet him personally, he is the great kid. he is a great person. he is a very good player. >> for baseball fans, the national's host the marlins to nights. it is to the dollar tuesday at the ballpark. our play of the day comes from the angels and the indians. are you serious? he is lucky that he did not lose
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his cap with his head still in its. a self preservation catch. espn is reporting that the redskins has signed wide receiver worth $15 million. >> ok.
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your time is running out to ensure our latest ipad contest. >> go to our facebook page or and follow the directions. the deadline to enter is tomorrow at 4:00. tell all your friends to enter too. they might have a chance to win too. they will share it with you. but i doubt it. >> do not count on that. >> let's take a look at the next seven days. tomorrow will be cooler than today. a good-looking day. a little more humid on thursday. near 100 on friday. more humidity and an isolated storms. there will be more chances for storms on sunday and monday.
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>> nicely done. thank you.
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